World of Warcraft: Latest news

World of Warcraft: Latest news

Let’s start with a good news for fans of Torghast, Tower of the damned. Blizzard has revealed the list of Legendary Powers that players can get this week. The weekly rotation allow you to explore Fracture chambers and Soulforges. Each of them has a list of legendary powers for each class.

On another topic, Blizzard has revealed a new mount for WOW; it is called Lucky Yun and will be available free for players who purchased a 6-month subscription to the game. Players will also have the possibility to buy the mount from the Blizzard Shop or from the in-game shop for 25 USD or 25 EUR.

February 2 marks the date when the fourth raid finder wing of Castle Nathria unlocks. Players will at last be able to track Sire Denathrius in the depths of his castle and vanquish him. The raid is available for level 120 players who have a minimum item level of 170. Sire Denathrius is one of the former rulers of the realms of death; he has unfortunately betrayed his sacred duty and must be stopped.

Earlier today, Blizzard has released Patch 9.0.2 for Shadowlands. This patch comes with damage buffs for almost every class. There have been changes to the covenants and several enemies have been nerfed. Lastly, the Vantus Rune in Castle Nathria will grant 100 versatility instead of 40. The full list of changes is available on Blizzard’s official website.

This month, Blizzard is celebrating its 30 years of existence. For this occasion, they have announced several Celebration Collection packs for players. World of Warcraft players are of course concerned and they will get various items depending on the pack they purchase. There are three packs for starters, the Essentials Pack, Heroic Pack and Epic Pack. The three packs will allow you to unlock a unique pet called Moon-Touched Netherwhelp. The Heroic and Epic Packs will unlock Snowstorm, an ice themed mount. Finally, the epic pack will allow you to get 30 days of WoW game time that will allow you to access both the original and classic versions of the game. offers the best prices for WOWgold.

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