Can I to go to Manali to Leh with 1 stop at Sarchu? Is it possible?

Can I to go to Manali to Leh with 1 stop at Sarchu? Is it possible?

You might have heard about famous places like LehLadakh. But let me tell you, one of the countless breathtaking views you will be able to sight when you go on a trip to Leh from Manali. If you are finding for an adventurous place to visit, this location will be the best choice for you. If you need the information to know how to get an easy itinerary planner, especially for your trip, please do read more to find out how.

What is the Best Time to visit Leh from Manali?

Well, if you have been wondering which time would be the best in a year to visit Leh from Manali, you should definitely visit from June to September. As it is the best time to travel to Leh, you can sightsee snow that is melted all over the place. Let us get into the options that you could travel from Manali to Leh. I’m sure that traveling with one stop at Sarchu is not possible but you can also travel by visiting other places while you are on your way to Leh.

Various options to Travel from Manali to Leh:

Through Flight:

If you want to travel through airways, you need to keep in mind the there are no direct flights available to go from Manali to Leh. One of the best options available is that you take a bus transport from Manali to Jammu in order to take a connecting flight that can help you reach Jammu to Leh but the prices may vary from time to time.

Through Trains:

Even through trains, you do not get a direct train from Manali to Leh. You can take a bus ride from Manali to Pathankot and then you could travel from Pathankot in order to reach Jammu by train. Right after you Jammu, you can take another ride, whether a bus or private text ride to reach your favorite location, Leh.

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